Cewineye is a band that consists of Angie & Johan Lindblad from Sweden.  

They have been playing together since 2005.

Angie and Johan Lindblad both compose the music, write the lyrics and arrange their own music.
Cewineye is performing live and in studio.

Cewineye is moving in different genres and on the band's latest release in November 2016 they made two new original dance tracks for the dance floor in the Techno/Electro/Dance genre with the songs "River's Dance" and "Streaming Dreams".

On their album release "Acoustic Vibe" from March 2012 they recorded all their songs with acoustic and/or electric guitars and bass, while these two new dance tracks are recorded with at Godin guitar through a Roland GR-55 synth.

Both releases have been Mastered at Cuttingroom in Stockholm, Sweden, 

by Mastering Engineer Mats "Limpan" Lindfors, Björn Engelmann as well as by Olle Larsson.

Cewineye's song "My Darling" from the album "Acoustic Vibe" was No1 for several weeks in the Swedish community radio list (Svenska Närradiolistan) SNL in 2013 and was ranked No3 (including 300 artists) for the full year 2013.

Their newest Single Dance Album "Streaming Dreams" with the Dance Tracks "Streaming Dreams" and
"River's Dance" was released in November 2016!