Cewineye is currently working in the Studio on some new songs that we hope will be released later this year (2020).

The latest news is that Cewineye's original song
"I close my eyes"

(released in March 2012)
from the album "Acoustic Vibe"
is now available on YouTube!
Please be welcome to listen to it
and we look forward to hear your comments
on what you think about it!

Here's the link to it:


You will also find some of our previous songs on Spotify! 

Our album "Acoustic Vibe" was released in March 2012 

and two singles in the Dance/Techno style was released in November 2016!

There will also be remixes made on the Dance/Techno songs later on.
 Thanks for your listening!  

 Here's the link to the song on Spotify: SPOTIFY