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CEWINEYE Acoustic Vibe (Citicat)
Cewineye is a duo comprising Angie and Johan Lindblad. Angie recorded some very fine demo material back in 2001 as Anji the Fay; two of those songs, Dolphins Play and Sailing with the Sun have been re-recorded for this brand new album Acoustic Vibe. Dolphins Play is a very lovely folk/pop number, the guitar on this version having quite a Spanish feel at times. In the Wink of an Eye is a different thing entirely, being harder-edged with elements of powerpop and 80s rock. Like a Bumblebee is playful retro pop. Acoustic Vibe combines romantic pop with flamenco. Golden Valley is beautiful acoustic folk-rock with atmospheric harmony vocals. Sailing with the Sun is predominantly acoustic pop with a very catchy melody. I Close My Eyes is melancholic, folk-tinged acoustic pop with more of that Spanish guitar. It seems to me that Cewineye have two distinct sounds, and ones that are likely to appeal to two completely different audiences. Some of their material seems inspired by the sort of soft rock and pop that was popular in the late 70s and 80s, and as such is a little too mainstream-influenced for my own taste. Yet Cewineye really shine on their more folky/acoustic material. Songs like Dolphins Play and Sailing with the Sun have really strong tunes that won't leave my brain days after listening to them. And fans of the now-burgeoning alternative folk scene simply cannot miss Golden Valley. For more info visit
--Kim Harten for BlissAquamarine / April 2012
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Cewineye - Acoustic Vibe - dr Indie about the new Swedish Music 

 Dr.Indie om Ny Svensk Musik

Cewineye - Acoustic Vibe    

@@@  Angie Lindblad och Johan Lindblad är ett par som ger ut musik som är lugn och melodisk behaglig lite kontemplativa på sin kanske specifika sätt att arrangera och spela upp resultatet. Personligen är båda musikerna nya för min del men ack så trevligt det blir att uppleva deras elva sånger som finns ute sedan länge på ett album det spelat in tidigare i år.

Låtarna kan sägas ha väldigt eleganta tonlägen och bygger upp låtkonstruktionerna på ett fint arrangerat sätt och jag gillar den dess smidigt överförda spanska gitarrspelöppningar och en skön frasering i sångerna. Lättsamt och lättsmält på ett bra sätt. Jag blir harmonisk av att lyssna pa bandet ifråga. Det är en positiv grundton i deras musik. En skiva som jag kommer fortsätta lyssna på ett bra tag till. Just därför att musiken kan man ta till sig, inget krångel utan raka direkta sånger som går in i mig och stannar kvar där, dröjer sig kvar i tanken såsom i hjärta. Tänk om jag hade missat det här.


 dr Indie about the new Swedish music    

Cewineye - Acoustic Vibe  

Angie Lindblad, Johan Lindblad is a couple who give out music that is calm and melodic soft a bit contemplative on their maybe specific ways to arrange and play back the results. Personally, both musicians are new for me but oh so nice it will be to experience their eleven songs that are out there for a long time on an album they recorded earlier this year.The songs can be said to have very elegant tone and song structures on a finely arranged way and I like its smoothly transferred to Spanish guitarlicks openings and a nice phrasing in songs. In a good way - fun and easily digestible. I will be harmonious by listening to the band in question. It is a positive keynote in their music. A disc that I will continue to listen for some time. It is precisely because the music one can take, no hassle but straight direct songs that goes into me and stays there, will remain in the thought, as well as the heart. What if I had missed this. (free transl. by Microsoft web)

--dr Indie/17th of December 2012

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